Before proceeding, please consult the list of technical requirements to make sure your browser supports eTelefilm.

How to subscribe to eTelefilm?

Creating your account can take from 1 to 5 days, depending on the program.

Write an email to with the following mandatory information:
  • *Name of company
  • *Name of applicant
  • *Address, City, Postal code
  • *Telephone number
  • *E-mail address
  • *In which language do you wish to receive information?
  • *To which program do you wish to apply?
    • Experimental Stream - Innovation Program (CMF)
    • Micro-Budget Production Program
    • Promotion Program
    • Others

* Mandatory information

IMPORTANT: Requests that do not contain the mandatory information will not be considered.

Creating a temporary account (limited to certain programs only)

If the time frame to create a permanent account is too long, certain programs permit the creation of a temporary account to allow new users to submit an application faster.

IMPORTANT : temporary accounts CAN NO LONGER BE USED to submit an application to the following programs :

  • Canada Feature Film Fund's Development Program
  • Promotion Program
  • Micro-Budget Production Program
  • Experimental Stream — Innovation Program (FMC)

Create an eTelefilm temporary account