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Telefilm Canada’s Success Index

As Telefilm stated in its most recent corporate plan, Fostering Cultural Success, the creation of a broader measurement for success was a top priority.

Over the past 10 years, experience has taught us that, while success at the box office continues to be important, this must be looked at in conjunction with other factors, such as new distribution platforms.

The Success Index is a quantitative tool that will allow us to measure the overall success of Telefilm’s investment portfolio over time.

What is the Success Index?

It is composed of a series of weighted attributes:

> Commercial (60% of the total index)

  • 40% – box-office receipts in Canada
  • 10% – gross domestic sales excluding box office
  • 10% – international sales

> Cultural (30%)

> Industrial (10%) – the ratio of private versus public funding in Telefilm-supported productions

Telefilm Canada’s Success Index, a tool to achieve success

  • Allows Telefilm to better understand the realities and dynamics of the industry, year over year, based on market intelligence provided.
  • Allows Telefilm and the industry to adjust strategies based on the commercial, cultural and industrial results achieved.
  • Enables Telefilm to provide more strategic, better-targeted support to the industry in the years ahead.
  • Paints a more accurate and global picture of the performance of feature films funded by Telefilm – making it possible to better demonstrate the industry’s significant contribution to Canada.

Watch the announcement: