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Conditions of use
Please note that all Telefilm Canada logos must only be used for the purposes as cleared by Telefilm. Telefilm Canada's title and logo are official trademarks of the Corporation. No logo may be copied, redistributed and/or republished without the expressed consent of Telefilm Canada.

Download our graphics standards (pdf)

For more information please contact Ludovic Jaouen, Marketing and Brand Advisor, (514) 283-0838 ext. 2149, .

Downloadable Logo
Official grey version
*to use on a white or light background
Official yellow version
*to use on a black or dark background
Official black version
EPS File (369 kb)
Official reversed version
EPS File (330 kb)
Animated Logo
*To be used in animated presentations or opening credits of audiovisual productions.
Canada Wordmark Black
EPS file (393 kb)
TIF file (740 kb)
Canada Wordmark Two Colours
EPS file (393 kb)
TIF file (780 kb)
Telefilm & Talent Fund
JPEG file (401 Kb)
EPS file (1261 Kb)
Telefilm & Talent Fund - Reversed    
JPEG file (426 kb)
EPS file (1255 kb)