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Statistics on Coproduction

Coproductions are film and television productions that are shared between two or more countries, and they play an important role in the Canadian film and television industry.

Coproduction agreements enable Canadian producers and their foreign counterparts to pool their creative, artistic, technical and financial resources to produce films and television programs that enjoy the status of national productions in the countries concerned.

The reports below detail annual coproduction statics.

Production Year 2005 (15 KB)
Production Year 2006 (16 KB)
Production Year 2007 (16 KB)
Production Year 2008 (16 KB)
Production Year 2009 (15 KB)
Production Year 2010 (15 KB)
Production Year 2011(15 KB)
Production Year 2012(15 KB)
Production Year 2013(15 KB)
Production Year 2014(15 KB)

Note: Since January 1, 2004, official coproduction data has been compiled based on the production year and not, as in previous years, on the date of preliminary recommendation. As a result, the data published here is incomparable with data published prior to 2004.