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Our Corporate Values


Solid corporate values make Telefilm stand out as an employer of choice and underlie its integrated management framework. We have introduced a leadership model that promotes competencies and behaviours aligned with those values. We measure our success on the basis of four core values that we apply in interacting with one another and in dealing with our clients:


At Telefilm, we trust one another and treat each other with consideration. We listen to our colleagues and recognize their work, efforts and experience. We create a climate of confidence, we strive for fluency in a bilingual environment, and we act with integrity.


We work together to ensure the success of Telefilm and of the Canadian audiovisual industry. We support the organization's objectives, we foster a healthy life-work balance, and we are proactive in communicating the organization's messages.

Client focus

We recognize that high-quality client service is at the core of our mandate. We work closely with our internal and external clients, and with our partners.


We aim for innovation and continuous improvement. We foster diversity, we strive to be dynamic in achieving Telefilm's objectives, and we draw on lessons learned to move forward.