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Diversity and Bilingualism


Our workplace is staffed by people with many different competencies and backgrounds and promotes mutual respect and respect for diversity. These principles are integral to our corporate values, our policies and the behaviours expected of our employees and managers.

Telefilm Canada also celebrates diversity as an equal opportunity employer committed to respecting the guidelines of the Employment Equity Act. Employment equity means that every member of our workforce is given equal opportunity to succeed based on their competencies and skills.

Telefilm Canada offers a bilingual work environment and encourages employees to develop working fluency in both official languages.

In addition, as a federal Crown corporation, Telefilm must determine a linguistic designation for each position, taking into account the type of services delivered to the public, the language of work and the language skills required to carry out the duties of the position. All new hires and employees changing positions within the Corporation must be evaluated according to the linguistic designation of the position held.

More information: Linguistic Designation of Positions

To learn more about the Official Languages Act, visit the website of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages.