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Industry advisory - Telefilm Canada announces English CFFF development & Writer’s First decisions

Montreal, July 9, 2008 – Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce that 54 English-language projects have received financing from the development component of the Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF).

Telefilm’s Writer’s First program, whose intent is to develop and retain a pool of creative and talented screenwriters as well as a bank of screenplays that are likely to succeed at the box office, has financed eight English-language projects from its two phases: Outline to Treatment and Treatment to First Draft.

Development program – Canada Feature Film Fund

Atlantic Region



Production company


Jason Buxton

Opolo Pictures Inc. & Festina Lente Productions Inc.

Gamblers Never Die

Ed Martin

Best Boy Productions Ltd.


Josh MacDonald

Moving Films Inc. & Colin Neale Productions Inc.

Little Problem with Murder(A)

Ed Martin

Best Boy Productions Ltd.

Serial Killers Club (The)

Chaz Thorne

Standing 8 Productions Inc.

Trailer Park Boys – The Movie 2

Mike Clattenberg & Tim Hannebohm

TPB II Productions Ltd.

Ontario & Nunavut Regions



Production company


Kellie Benz

Somnapix Inc.

City Man

Andrea Blundell

January Films Ltd.

Clara's War

Jonas Chernick

Corey Marr Productions Inc.

Collectors (The)

Annmarie Morais

Conquering Lion Pictures Inc.

Crete on a Half Shell

Jack Blum & Sharon Corder

Yarmadillo Films Inc.

Death Comes to Town

Bruce McCulloch & Kids in the Hall

Tront Communications Inc.

Death Trip

Reginald Harkema

New Real Films Inc.

Deep Water

Mike Downie

Six Island Productions Inc.

Dirty Sweet

Sheri Elwood

3212271 Canada Inc.

Drifters (The)

Megan Martin & Adrianna Capozzi

Temple Street Productions Inc.

Fugue for Three Immigrants

Ognen Georgievski & Janko Virant

V-Art Productions

Goodbye Curry

John McBrearty & Don Shebib

Corsair Entertainment Corp.

Grizzlies (The)

Graham Yost

Northwood Productions Inc.


David Shamoon

Film Works Ltd.

Home Again

Jennifer Holness & David Sutherland

Hungry Eyes Film & Television Inc.

In the Stars

Garry Campbell

Accent Entertainment Inc.

Little Experiments: The Life of Arthur Lipsett

John L'Ecuyer

Shaftesbury Films Inc.


Jodie Molloy

Straight Edge Films Inc.

Night Life

Robert DeLeskie & David Danzon

Strada Films Inc.

Paddle to the Amazon

Pete McCormack

Insight Production Co. Ltd.

Perfect Hormony

Debra McGrath & Barbara Radecki

Canadian Accents Inc.

Postmistress Delivers

Don Owen

Zebra Films Ltd.

Red Coat Justice

Wyeth S. Clarkson & Grant Sauve & Charles Johnston

Travesty Productions Inc.

Return of the Fabulous Seven

Brian Drader

Markham Street Films Inc.

Return to Bikini Mountain

Collin Friesen

January Films Ltd.


Richard Elliot & Simon Racioppa

Decode Entertainment Inc.

Sex and Sunsets

Megan Martin

Serendipity Point Films Inc.


Rob Stefaniuk

Capri Vision Inc.

Top of the World

Andrew Bryan

Shaftesbury Films Inc.

Victoria Day

David Bezmozgis

Markham Street Films Inc.


Arun Lakra

Corey Marr Productions Inc.

Wild Dogs

Susan Shipton

Film Farm Inc.

Quebec Region



Production company


Jagjiwan Sohal

Philms Pictures inc.

City of Ice

Trevor Ferguson

Spectra 5 V Film inc.

Country Road (Au)

Marie-Josée Lefebvre

Productions EGM Ltée

Lazarus Sisters

Andrew Pyper

Productions Equinoxe inc.

Rich Blood

Ron Base

Productions Richard Lowry inc.

River Burns

Trevor Ferguson

Films du Boulevard inc.

Wall of Sound

Erin D. Laing

Couzin Films inc.

Western Region



Production company


Monica Hilborn

Long Tale Productions Limited


Deborah Wakeham

Lucid Dreams Inc.

Chanda's Secrets

Dennis Foon

Dilemma Productions Inc.

Good Year (A)

Ross Weber

L’Etranger Film Productions Ltd.

McLean Boys (The)

Ian Weir

Oasis Productions Inc.

Praying Mantis

Chris Wilkinson

Sistar Films Inc.


Christine Lippa

Three Bags Full Film Inc.

Screw Loose Christmas (A)

Steven Sullivan

Screw Loose Entertainment Inc.

Volunteer (The)

Monica Hilborn

Orca Productions Inc. & Lexico Productions Inc.


Writer’s First – Outline to Treatment




Father’s Wish (A)

Brian D. Young


Forgiven (The)

Ed Gass-Donnelly

Ontario & Nunavut

Powder Monkey

Peter O’Brian & Greg Beer

Ontario & Nunavut

Rabbit Foot Bill

Helen Humphreys & Susan Rynard

Ontario & Nunavut


Writer’s First – Treatment to First Draft




Big Man Coming Down the Road

Brad Smith

Ontario & Nunavut

High Strangeness

Trevor Markwart


Koofi in Wonderland

Mazdak Taebi

Ontario & Nunavut

Last Dance

John Riley Adams

Ontario & Nunavut