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Web-Ciné 360

This program is currently being revised, and we are no longer accepting applications at this time. For any questions or concerns, please contact your resource person at Telefilm.

Through Web-Ciné 360, Telefilm Canada wants to encourage the incorporation of online marketing and use of social media in distribution business practices, primarily prior to a film’s release. To this end, eligible distribution companies will be able to apply months in advance, during production, for assistance to develop and deploy an online marketing phase based on the measurement, analysis and promotion potential of digital technologies and media. Web-Ciné 360 supports Telefilm Canada’s strategic box-office and industry capacity-building objectives.


Call for Projects - French-language Feature Films

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Call for Projects - English-language Feature Films

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Application for Marketing Assistance

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News Releases

July 19, 2010
Telefilm extends Web-Ciné 360 to the English-language market for the implementation of online marketing strategies for Canadian films

July 19, 2010
Online marketing and promotion of Canadian films via social-media tools: Telefilm supports seven French-language projects through Web-Ciné 360, extends the pilot initiative for another year, and expands it to the English market

January 27, 2010
Online marketing and promotion of Canadian films via social media tools: Telefilm launches new initiative to foster innovative distribution strategies