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Promotion Program

About the program

Telefilm Canada’s Promotion Program targets Canadian organizations active in film, television or digital media. The program offers financial support for events open to the general public and for initiatives held in Canada that are principally aimed at industry professionals.

This Program was revamped in 2012-2013 as part of Telefilm Canada’s Program Redesign initiative. Since that year, the Promotion Program replaces the Skills and Screens Program and includes Telefilm funding of awards ceremonies as well as of alternative distribution networks.

Terms and conditions for recurring events for fiscal 2014-2015

> For fiscal 2014-2015, Telefilm’s financial participation for eligible events that were supported during the previous fiscal year will be established by adding the two following elements:

- 25% of the total amount of Telefilm’s financial participation during fiscal 2013-2014


- 75% of Telefilm’s financial participation as established on the basis of the Program’s criteria.

> Telefilm’s financial participation for fiscal 2014-2015 will be adjusted so that the maximum variation is of 3% in cases where the amount is less than what was granted for fiscal 2013-2014. However, Telefilm’s financial participation for fiscal 2014-2015 will not exceed the amount granted for fiscal 2011-2012.

> In 2014-2015, an enhanced amount will be granted to events that have secured increased private funding. However, Telefilm’s financial participation for fiscal 2014-2015 will not exceed the amount granted for fiscal 2011-2012.

> Reference data used to calculate amounts based on the Program’s criteria will take into account the two previous editions of the event, as set out in the Guidelines.



Guidelines applicable as of April 30, 2012 for the Promotion Program

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Submit and track your application online using eTelefilm

List of Required Documents at time of application

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Template - Budget & Financing Plan

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Visibility Grid

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Initiative Report

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Declaration of Canadian Status of Corporation and Corporate Information

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Application Dates

This program is under review and will be available to receive applications soon.


Useful Tools

Frequently-Asked Questions

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Affidavit Form for Event/Initiative at Final Costs

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Picard, Isabelle

Sciortino, Carmela

Veffer, Risa
Ontario and Nunavut Region

Voogt, Patricia
Atlantic Region

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Western Region