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International Marketing and Festival Participation Program

The Canada Feature Film Fund’s International Marketing and Festival Participation Program is available to Canadian companies specializing in film production, distribution and sales, and aims to support the marketing and promotion of Canadian content and talent abroad. This Program was previously known as the International Festival Participation Pilot Program.

The Program’s objectives are in line with Telefilm Canada’s strategic priorities of promoting talent and increasing access to Canadian content. It supports the international marketing and promotional strategies of Canadian productions officially selected at recognized international festivals.

New in 2013-2014: although the primary focus of support of this Program will continue to be feature-length films, financial assistance through the Program can also now be awarded to short films.


Atlantic Region Vanessa Manco
Quebec Isabelle Picard and Carmela Sciortino
Ontario and Nunavut Vanessa Manco
Western Region Jennifer Porter

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Guidelines applicable as of June 14, 2013 for the International Marketing Program

(503 KB)


Application form

(276 KB)

Submit and track your application online using eTelefilm

Declaration of email address

(50 KB)

Declaration of Canadian Status of Corporation and Corporate Information

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Application Dates

June 14, 2013 - Applicants must submit their completed applications at least 3 weeks prior to the opening day of the festival for which participation support is being requested.
Region(s) : Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, West
Language(s) : French, English

Useful Tools

Template - Budget and Final Costs - International Marketing

(69 KB)

Visibility Grid - International Marketing

(93 KB)

Affidavit – Final Costs – budgets equal to or less than $250,000

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