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Business Policies

Telefilm Canada has committed itself to improving its practices in order to be a clearly focused, accountable, efficient, client-oriented, commercially-sophisticated cultural organization.

The Corporation, in consultation with the industry, is thus reviewing all of its funds and programs to clarify, simplify and standardize its business policies and procedures.

The new business policies dealing with the various funds administered by the Corporation will be posted progressively on this page.



Industry Promotion
Completion Protection Policy (124 KB)  
Distribution Terms & Contracts Requirements (124 KB)  
Budgets and Production Financing Requirements (108 KB)  
CFFF Outside readers policy (26 KB)  

Accounting and Reporting Requirements

(461 KB)  

Accounting and Reporting Requirements - Industry Promotion

(100 KB)  

*Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF)
*Official Languages Activities (OLA)