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Production Program

The Production Program of the Canada Feature Film Fund is available to Canadian production companies looking to finance their feature film projects in the production and/or post-production stages.

This program was modified over the past 3 years as part of Telefilm’s initiative to redesign and optimize its programs, following multiple consultations with the industry.

Changes to the program were undertaken in two phases:

  • Revision to the Selective component (October 2012)
  • Revision to the Performance Envelope component (December 2013).

Details of these changes are described below:


This second and final phase of changes to Telefilm Canada’s Production Program resulted from sustained discussion and collaboration with the industry.
The main goal of this revision was to recognize and reward the success of production companies having achieved an outstanding level of performance by offering them access to a Fast Track stream.

More specifically, Performance Envelopes are being replaced by a Fast Track stream which provides for:

  • more effective, efficient and timely funding allocations at all budget levels;
  • greater autonomy and accountability for our clients; and
  • greater alignment to the needs of our clients.

Which companies are eligible for the Fast Track stream?

To qualify for the fast track stream, in addition to the basic eligibility criteria set out in section 2 of the guidelines, a production company must meet the following criteria:

  • Have produced, as lead production company,1 a minimum of 3 feature films theatrically released in Canada over the past 5 years;
  • Qualify amongst the group of best performing production companies2 in each language market that have obtained the highest track record score3

Companies that are deemed eligible for the fast-track stream will be restricted to this component; in other words, they will not have access to the regular stream.

What is Telefilm’s contribution to the Fast Track stream?

  • Telefilm will aim to fund at least one project per eligible company over a two-year period to the extent that Telefilm's financial participation is less than the cap set out in section 4.3 and that it is less than or equal to 30% of the eligible Canadian budget for the project.
  • Subject to the availability of funds and the evaluation of the projects submitted, Telefilm may consider funding more than one project per company and/or funding at a level higher than 30% of the eligible Canadian budget.


The changes made to the Selective component of the production program as published in 2012 follow below. This component is now known the Regular stream and all changes mentioned below remain and continue to apply as they did when originally published.

Overview of key changes

  • Main production programs regrouped into one program (with the exception of Mini-Treaties, Telefilm’s Micro-Budget Production and Theatrical Documentary programs).
  • More tailored approach that addresses the needs and strengths of the different types of production companies
  • Simplified and clarified program guidelines which state, among other things, that feature films in Aboriginal languages are eligible
  • No more application dates for French-language productions
  • Success score4 and Market Interest5 integrated into evaluation criteria
  • Post-production funding now eligible for consideration
  • Mandatory use of eTelefilm for application and submission of all documentation required during the cycle
  • A commitment from an eligible Canadian distribution company is only required if the project is budgeted at more than $2.5 million

1 The film’s lead producer is either the company that owns all the copyright in the film or, if there is more than one production company, is determined in accordance with the companies’ coproduction agreement.

2 The number of companies comprising the group of best performing companies will be determined by the availability of funds in each language market.

3 The score of the production company's track record is determined by calculating the weighted average of the scores obtained by the production company's projects over the past five years, calculated on an annual basis. Please refer to the FAQs for more details on calculating the score of a production company's track record.

4 A “success score” is attributed to each feature film in a client’s portfolio, measuring its commercial (box office and other sales) and cultural (nominations and awards) success, and is used to establish the quantitative part of the track record of a production company or creative team.

5 Market Interest is defined as arms length monies used in the financing of the production of the film from the following entities:

  • domestic and/or international distributors or sales agents recognized by Telefilm as having a track record in theatrical distribution;
  • Canadian and/or international broadcasters providing broadcast license fees;
  • recognized lenders providing gap financing; and
  • private for-profit financiers.

Ontario and Nunavut clients: please contact Elena Raluca Hutanu Tuturman. 
See contact form below.



Production program for French and English-language productions for applications submitted as of December 16, 2013

(164 KB)

2013-14 Production Program for English-language and French-language productions

(216 KB)

2012-13 Production Program for English-language productions

(349 KB)

2012-13 Production Program for French-language productions

(343 KB)

2011-12 Production Program for English-language productions

(230 KB)

2011-12 Development and Production Programs for French-language productions

(224 KB)

Business Policies

Consult the business policies related to Canada Feature Film Fund


Submit and track your application online using eTelefilm

List of Required Documents

(121 KB)

Declaration of email address

(50 KB)

Filmography for Producer, Director or Screenwriter

(60 KB)

Declaration of Related-party Transactions

(60 KB)

Declaration of Related-Party Transactions at Final Costs

(71 KB)

Affidavit – Canadian Content

(125 KB)

Declaration of Canadian Status of Corporation and Corporate Information

(116 KB)

Application Dates

Using eTelefilm:

  • There are no changes to the current guidelines (applicable as of December 16th, 2013)
  • Applications to the Production program must be submitted via eTelefilm.
  • Using eTelefilm is also mandatory for the submission of all documentation required during the cycle.
  • If you do not yet have an eTelefilm account, please visit to register.

Projects with budgets of less than $2.5M (English and French):

  • Applications are now closed for the current fiscal year (2014/2015). 
  • Opening dates for these projects for next fiscal year (2015/2016) will be announced shortly.

Projects with budgets greater than $2.5M English-language market:

Telefilm continues to accept applications for projects with budgets of $2.5M and greater in the English-language market. 
Region(s) : Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, West
Language(s) : English

Projects with budgets greater than $2.5M French-language market:

November 20, 2014 - Applications may be submitted for projects with budgets of $2.5M and greater in the French-language market. Applications received for these projects will be considered for financing in the next fiscal year (2015/2016).
Region(s) : Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, West
Language(s) : French

Useful Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

(499 KB)

Standard Production Budget Template

(248 KB)

Standard Budget Template for Greenlight Funding

(74 KB)

Breakdown of expenditures incurred outside the co-producing countries

(37 KB)

Affidavit – Final Costs – budgets equal to or less than $250,000

(47 KB)

Explanation of Cost Report Variances – Template

(148 KB)

Exploitation Report (Standard Form)

(731 KB)

Short Exploitation Report (Standard Form)

(624 KB)

Telefilm Canada's Success Index: List of festivals and events

Development and Other Production Challenges: A Producer's Handbook

(313 KB)

Expected market interest levels in the English-language market

(295 KB)

Expected market interest levels in the French-language market

(295 KB)

Scoring Grid

(56 KB)

Creative Evaluation Grid (for international coproductions only)


See offices contact information

Picard, Isabelle

Sciortino, Carmela

Hutanu Tuturman, Elena Raluca

Voogt, Patricia
Atlantic Region

Porter, Jennifer
Western Region