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Production Program

Telefilm will be accepting financing applications for the 2016-2017 fiscal year for projects with budgets under $2.5M from March 1st until May 2nd, 2016, for both the English and French markets.

Please note that following Anne Frank’s departure, Peggy Lainis, Regional Feature Film Executive - Quebec, English Market will be the interim point person until a replacement is named. She can be reached at 1-800-565-1773, ext. 2111.

As of March 1st and until May 2nd 2016, Telefilm Canada will open the door to its Production Program of the Canada Feature Film Fund to English language and French language projects with a budget of under $2.5M. It is to be noted that the Production Program of 2016-17 for projects with a budget that is $2.5M and higher is currently open for both language markets. The Production Program of the Canada Feature Film Fund is available to Canadian production companies looking to finance their feature film projects in the production and/or postproduction stages.

As a reminder, please find below the changes addressed to last year’s program following continuous consultations with the industry. These changes have been brought forward to enhance the quality of the information and readiness of applications, which should result in better and timely decisions.

Overview of the changes:

  • Telefilm will consider, among other evaluation criteria, the overall financial viability of the project;
  • A new eligibility criteria was introduced for projects with budgets of less than  $2.5M: a project must not have been previously submitted more than twice, starting from April 30, 2015 (full details in the Program Guidelines);
  • A Summary of the Marketing/Promotional Strategy was added to the required documentation.

To know the full details and eligibility criteria, consult this year’s Program Guidelines.


Atlantic Region Vanessa Manco
Quebec Isabelle Picard and Carmela Sciortino
Ontario and Nunavut Vanessa Manco
Western Region Jennifer Porter

See offices contact information


Production program for French and English-language productions for applications submitted as of April 30th, 2015

(432 KB)

Production program for French and English-language productions for applications submitted as of December 16, 2013

(164 KB)

2013-14 Production Program for English-language and French-language productions

(216 KB)

2012-13 Production Program for English-language productions

(349 KB)

2012-13 Production Program for French-language productions

(343 KB)

Business Policies

Consult the business policies related to Canada Feature Film Fund


Submit and track your application online using eTelefilm

List of Required Documents

(106 KB)

Declaration of email address

(50 KB)

Filmography for Producer, Director or Screenwriter

(60 KB)

Declaration of Costs Incurred and Paid to Date (for postproduction applications)

(63 KB)

Declaration of Related-party Transactions

(60 KB)

Declaration of Related-Party Transactions at Final Costs

(71 KB)

Affidavit – Canadian Content

(125 KB)

Declaration of Canadian Status of Corporation and Corporate Information

(116 KB)

Application Dates

Using eTelefilm:

  • Applications to the Production program must be submitted via eTelefilm.
  • The use of  eTelefilm is also mandatory for the submission of all required documentation  during the application process. If you do not yet have an eTelefilm account, please register at:

Opening Date: March 1st until May 2nd, 2016 - Projects with budgets of less than $2.5M (English and French-language markets): Applications may be submitted for projects with budgets of less than $2.5M in both the French and English-language markets. 
Region(s): Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, West
Language(s): French, English

Useful Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

(453 KB)

Elements of track record

Standard Production Budget Template

(248 KB)

Standard Budget Template for Greenlight Funding

(74 KB)

Breakdown of expenditures incurred outside the co-producing countries

(37 KB)

NEW! Summary of Feature Film Marketing / Promotional Strategy

(65 KB)

List of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Requirements for Feature Films

(33 KB)

Affidavit – Final Costs – budgets equal to or less than $250,000

(47 KB)

Explanation of Cost Report Variances – Template

(148 KB)

Exploitation Report (Standard Form)

(731 KB)

Short Exploitation Report (Standard Form)

(624 KB)

Telefilm Canada's Success Index: List of festivals and events

Development and Other Production Challenges: A Producer's Handbook

(313 KB)

Expected market interest levels in the English-language market

(295 KB)

Expected market interest levels in the French-language market

(295 KB)

Scoring Grid

(56 KB)

Creative Evaluation Grid (for international coproductions only)