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Cannes Market

Canada Pavilion at Cannes

The Cannes Market (Marché du Film)
May 11 to 20, 2016
Cannes, France

The Marché du Film is a component of the Cannes International Film Festival. Unlike the television program markets, which concentrate their activities in one place, this market is distinctive for its spread-out nature. Exhibitors may just as easily be housed at the Palais des Festivals as in various hotel suites. Major companies set up their headquarters in the hotels, while smaller companies, national delegations and promotional and service organizations tend to use the facilities provided by the market. The Cannes market accredits some 2000 participants, representing buyers and sellers.

In partnership with provincial agencies and federal organizations, Telefilm Canada puts the Canada Pavilion at the disposal of the Canadian industry. This business centre offers general reception, information, consulting and message-taking services, as well as meeting areas. Around 150 Canadian companies took part in the most recent Marché du Film at Cannes. The size of the Canadian contingent is directly tied to the number of films selected for screening at the Festival or presented at the market.

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