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56th Valladolid International Film Festival (2011)
Valladolid, Spain, October 22 to 29, 2011
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Calls for entry
(Feature-length films, documentaries and shorts)

The Valladolid International Film Festival is currently accepting entries for its 2011 edition. 

Please note that all films must be submitted directly to the festival. 

Submission format: DVD
Competitive: Yes
Entry fees: No

Deadline for submissions : June 30, 2011


All films entered for the OFFICIAL, MEETING POINT and TIME OF HISTORY sections must comply with the following conditions:

  • They must have been produced in 2011 or 2010 with no previous commercial, DVD, video or TV screening in Spain; 
  • They must not have been screened at any other film festival in Spain, neither in nor out of competition, nor have been presented in any kind of event; 
  • They must be presented in their original language version with Spanish subtitles. They may be submitted, in exceptional circumstances, with English subtitles, in which case a transcript of the subtitles and a DVD of the film must be supplied beforehand to permit preparation of electronic subtitles in Spanish;
  • They must be available in 35mm. Betacam SP, DigiBeta and DVD can be used for screenings in Meeting Point Section and Time of History;
  • They may be feature-lengths or shorts. Films over 60 minutes will be considered feature-lengths. Shorts films must not exceed a running time of 20 minutes.

As one of Europe's oldest festivals, Valladolid has always been characterised by its willingness to take risks and to innovate in its programming. It has also been keen to critically examine each new school or movement as it has arisen, whether it be German, Polish, Chinese, Canadian, or else. With a genuine concern for the art of cinema, for film-making and filmmakers rather than the more obvious commercial or glamorous aspects of the industry, the festival has built up an identity of its own - equally attractive to film enthusiasts, professionals and the media. An International Jury decides the winners of numerous prizes. The festival grants cash awards for feature length and short films with a total value of 93 000 € in the different categories.

For more information on eligibility and procedures, please consult the entry form and regulations of the festival.

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