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Creative Evaluation Grid




Telefilm supports openness, fairness and consistency at all levels of operation. In this same spirit, we have developed several grids to help us evaluate coproduction projects. These grids are not an integral part of the coproduction guidelines, but serve as a tool to assess the creative and technical aspects of projects being considered.

A project must first and foremost meet the required minimum creative positions, as they are defined in Telefilm’s Coproduction guidelines. If a project doesn’t meet this minimum, it is then evaluated using the grids, which include a bonus-point system. Particularly complex or atypical projects can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Some other useful tools and links regarding the coproduction process can also be found in this section.

We update these documents regularly. Please ensure that you submit your application using only the most recent version of each document (below).



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Other tools




List of Minimum Required Elements in a Coproduction Agreement


(94 KB)

Entry Procedures into Canada for Participants on Official Co-productions


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Shooting in a Non-Coproducing Country – Non-Creative Technical Personnel



  (31 KB)

Courtesy Credit Exemptions For Non-Coproducing Producer-Related Personnel

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Guidelines Pertaining to the Employment of Non-Coproducing Country Performers

  PDF   (81 MB)

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