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When it comes to the production of screen-based content, Telefilm believes that there’s strength in numbers.

Coproductions are joint film and television productions that are shared between two or more countries, and they play an important role in the Canadian audiovisual industry.

Coproduction agreements enable Canadian and foreign producers to pool their creative, artistic, technical and financial resources to coproduce projects that enjoy the status of national productions in the countries involved.

Telefilm administers these coproduction agreements on behalf of the Canadian government.

In 2010, Telefilm published revised guidelines on the certification of international coproductions. At the same time, we also made improvements to other related documents, including the application forms and affidavits.

These updated guidelines provide Canadian producers with detailed information on the requirements and procedures to follow when making a certification application for an international coproduction.


Guidelines - International Coproductions
(last update: November 29, 2010)

(224 Kb)

Guidelines pertaining to the employment of third-party
country performers

(81 Kb)