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Coproduction Certification

Interested in coproducing a project? Telefilm Canada works with you to make it official.

Coproductions must be certified by the Canadian government. Applications are submitted to Telefilm Canada's Coproduction Certification team. This division of Telefilm then evaluates each application and makes a recommendation to the government via a two-step process.

This section lists the projects that have been submitted for consideration for official coproduction status.


Coproductions that obtain a positive preliminary recommendation are projects that have been submitted prior to shooting and, further to evaluation by Telefilm's Coproduction Certification team, have complied with the governing bilateral agreements and coproduction guidelines.

See projects that have received a preliminary recommendation from 2011 to 2016



The final recommendation takes place as soon as the production is completed, or no later than 19 months following the production year. In this step, projects that have obtained a positive preliminary recommendation from Telefilm are evaluated, and a recommendation to either approve or deny final certification as an official coproduction is made. Projects can then be certified as official coproductions by the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO), and recognized as Canadian productions.

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