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Three and a Half

Three artists – a writer, a director and a painter – imagine three stories of yearning and loneliness. The writer tells a story of an old man on the edge of a life-altering decision, haunted by the death of his wife. The director presents a tale of a friendship between two Yugoslavian immigrants, at odds because of one friend’s difficulty in adapting to his new culture and homeland. Finally, the painter creates a picture of a young immigrant woman who is secluded in her apartment, but finds herself drawn into a relationship with a window repairman. The artists’ visions become a reality when they meet their fictional characters while on a subway together, weaving a surreal thread of unity between their separate lives.

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Boris Mojsovski

Boris Mojsovski began his career as a photographer before moving into film. He has written and directed several award-winning shorts, including Stop, Why Let Him In, I Wanna Dance and Whose Hot Dog Is it Anyways. His films have won prizes at the TV Ontario Telefest Awards and have participated in festivals around the world. His most recent short film, Symphony, was in Official Competition at the 2001 Montréal World Film Festival and aired on The Movie Network. Three and a Half is Boris Mojsovski’s first feature.

35 mm

1 x 90 minutes


Aspect ratio


Original version in English

Subtitled in French


Tom Strnad

Associate Producers

Doug Mackay

Mike Thorn


Boris Mojsovski


Boris Mojsovski

Ryan Redford

Mike Thorn

Directors of Photography

Levko Mojsovki


Tom Strnad

Mike Thorn


John Gare

Paul Williamson

Production Designer

Lisa Laratta


Cecilia Tachini


Bill Halliday


Kim Huffman

Don Allison

Barbara Gordon

Walter Alza

Santino Buda


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