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Lost and Delirious

Mouse Bradford has just arrived at Perkins Girl’s College. She has left behind the small town where she grew up, her father and her stepmother. Mouse is quickly adopted by her two senior roommates, the striking, sharp-witted Paulie and the charming and beautiful Tory. The three become inseparable as they bond over loss: Mouse has lost her mother, Paulie has lost the parents who gave her up for adoption, and Tory is losing herself to fit her parents’ expectations.Although they are the closest friends she has ever had, Mouse is confused by the depth of the relationship between Paulie and Tory. The world comes crashing down when Tory and Paulie are inadvertently caught in a compromising situation. Unable to justify their relationship to her family, Tory gives in to the pressure and distances herself from Paulie and her own feelings. Mouse, torn between her friends, begins to understand what it means to be in love – and just how much of love is impossible to define.

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Léa Pool

Lost and Delirious, the seventh feature by award-winning director Léa Pool, marks her English-language directorial debut. Léa Pool’s previous feature, Emporte-moi, was selected for official competition at the 1999 Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Special Ecumenical Jury Prize. Her other films include Mouvements du désir (1992), which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival; La Demoiselle sauvage (1991); À corps perdu (1988), which was screened in official competition at the Venice and Chicago film festivals; Anne Trister (1986), included in the official competition at the Berlin Film Festival; and La Femme de l’hôtel (1984), which won the best Canadian feature award at the Toronto Film Festival. All of Léa Pool’s films have been screened at numerous international film festivals.

35 mm

1 x 102 minutes


Aspect ratio



Lorraine Richard

Greg Dummett

Louis-Philippe Rochon


Léa Pool


Judith Thompson

Based on the novel by

Susan Swan

Director of Photography

Pierre Gill


Gaétan Huot

Production Designer

Serge Bureau


Aline Gilmore

Music composed by

Yves Chamberland


Piper Perabo

Jessica Paré

Mischa Barton

Jackie Burroughs

Graham Greene


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5800, boul. Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
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Dummett Films
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Toronto, Ontario
M6J 2V5
(416) 537-3241
(416) 537-6896

Distribution – Canada

Seville Pictures inc.
455, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest
Bureau 300
Montreal, Quebec
H2Z 1J1
(514) 878-2282
(514) 878-2419

International distribution

TF1 International -
125, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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