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The Forgotten Woman is a documentary that seeks to understand the destitution and marginalization of many of the millions of India’s widows who are forced by age-old traditions to live out their remaining years isolated from and shunned by their society.

The film examines the status of widows today as compared to those in the past. Interviews with urban women contrast with the lives of rural women. The film shows that although there is positive change in the status of widows, there is still an enormous stigma and exploitation associated with widowhood, denying a significant portion of Indian women their basic human rights.

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Dilip Mehta

An internationally renowned photojournalist, Dilip Mehta has photographed for such leading publications as National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, Figaro, Stern, The London Sunday Times and The New York Times. In addition to his photojournalism, Dilip is active in the field of television and filmmaking. He was the special stills photographer for the feature films Gandhi, The Razor’s Edge and Fire and for the Canadian television series, Danger Bay. He was the creative producer of his sister Deepa Mehta’s critically acclaimed film, Earth, and was the production designer and associate producer of her recent film, Water, shot on location in Sri Lanka.

35 mm
Digital Betacam

120 minutes


Aspect ratio


Original version in English, Hindi and Bengali

Dubbed in French
Subtitled in English


David Hamilton

Noemi Weiss

Deepa Mehta

Director, Director of Photography and Editor

Dilip Mehta


Alok Kapur


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