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Welcome to Willard, a small town lost in the idyllic world of the 1950s, where the sun shines every day, everybody knows their neighbour, and rotting zombies carry the mail.

Timmy Robinson is an awkward loner until one fateful day when Mom buys a zombie to help around the house. At first, Timmy is surprised when the beast wants to play catch, but when the zombie saves him from the local bullies a true friendship is born and Timmy names him Fido.

But Fido is a zombie and the neighbours start paying the ultimate price. What begins as a small town story about a boy and his best friend becomes a biting satire about our world, the price of fear and the rewards of risking love. Fido will rip your heart out.

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Andrew Currie

Andrew Currie is a founding partner of Anagram Pictures. His debut feature film was the critically acclaimed drama Mile Zero (2001) that played at more than 20 international film festivals, winning three best film awards. Andrew is currently writing his next feature, Sperm, a comedy about a compulsive liar, a hypochondriac and a Walter Mitty-style daydreamer.

35 mm

91 minutes


Aspect ratio


Original version in English


Blake Corbet

Mary Anne Waterhouse


Trent Carlson

Kevin Eastwood


Andrew Currie


Robert Chomiak

Andrew Currie

Dennis Heaton

Director of Photography

Jan Kiesser


Roger Mattiussi

Sound Design

Paul Sharpe

David Hibbert

Kevin Belen


Carrie-Anne Moss

Billy Connolly

Dylan Baker

K'Sun Ray

Henry Czerny

Tim Blake Nelson


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Distribution – Canada

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Toronto, Ontario
M5A 4L6
(416) 968-0002
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International distribution

Lions Gate Entertainment
2700 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, California
United States
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