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Pip is a street kid who is meeting life head-on in the big city. On his 18th birthday, he receives his grandfather's Second World War memoirs on audio cassette, a gift that awakens the ghost of the past. His grandfather relates the story of the day he turned 18, fleeing German forces through the woods of France with a dying comrade hanging on for life. In Pip's own and contemporary way, he begins to live the parallel life of his grandfather -- each of them lost in their environments and generations.

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Richard Bell

Richard Bell trained as an actor and playwright at Studio 58 in Vancouver. From 1998 to 2000, he wrote and directed his first short feature, Two Brothers, a movie he shot with a borrowed video camera for a paltry $545. The "little movie that could" garnered substantial media attention and critical acclaim at film festivals. With Eighteen, his first major film, Richard Bell directed two-time Oscar nominee Sir Ian McKellen and Tony Award-winner Alan Cumming -- all before turning 30. As a screenwriter, Richard is mentored by L.A.-based screenwriter Donald Martin.

35 mm

105 minutes


Aspect ratio


Original version in English


Harry Sutherland

Cari Green

Dennis Tal


Koa Padolsky

Karen Lam

Director and Scriptwriter

Richard Bell

Director of Photography

Kevin J. van Niekerk


Grace Yuen


Scott Aitken

Production Designer

Thom Ward

Costume Designer

Lorraine Carson

Set Designer

Matthew Versteeg

Original music

Bramwell Tovey


Brendan Fletcher

Carly Pope

Alan Cumming

Ian McKellen

Paul Anthony

Mark Hildreth

Thea Gill


Long Tale Entertainment Ltd.
1273 Howe St.
Suite 103
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6Z 1R3
(604) 608-4282
(604) 608-4933

Distribution – Canada

Domino Film and Television International Ltd.
4002, av. Grey
Montreal, Quebec
H4A 3P1
(514) 484-0446
(514) 484-0468

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