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In this surreal thriller, mysterious Marie March takes a journey to the town of Darckeville to scam a priceless set of antiques from an eccentric collector but mainly to get away from the clutches of her overbearing older husband. On the freight train to Darckeville, fevered sensual dreams and dark childhood memories crowd her troubled mind – portentous omens of an unresolved past are hurrying to catch up with her. Meanwhile Caz, a beautiful but psychopathic ex-lover from years ago, has discovered her whereabouts and is on a mission to fight Betrayal and defend those who have been hurt by Love. Set against a backdrop of fading dreams, broken aspirations and the crumbling ruins of a decaying town coloured with strange characters, the separate paths of Marie and Caz collide with explosive results.

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François Miron

François Miron began making films in 1982, working exclusively with emulsion. The body of his early work consists of several short animated experimental films. In 1990, he received an MFA in filmmaking from the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied under a full scholarship. All of his films have been screened in festivals throughout the world where they have received many awards as well as underground acclaim. Miron makes music videos, short and feature-length surrealistic narrative films and, since 1993, has been teaching part-time at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University.

35 mm

87 minutes


Aspect ratio


Original version in English

Subtitled in French


François Miron

Pascal Maeder

Director and Editor

François Miron


James Galwey

Director of Photography

Gilles Blais

Sound Design

Serge Bouvier

Simon Goulet

David Kristian


Janet Lane

Andrea Sheldon

Vitali Makarov

Joseph Bellerose

Tod Fennel

Michael Rigby

Jean Nicolai

Production/International distribution

Productions Filmgrafix
5279, rue Cartier
Montreal, Quebec
H2H 1X6
(514) 527-6374
(514) 527-4785

Distribution – Canada

3955, boul. Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2W 1Y5
(514) 985-0873
(514) 985-5876

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